about AMY

Amy has been the primary behind-the-scenes instigator in a wave of change that has redefined volunteerism for literally thousands of Seattleites. With an extensive background in marketing and experiential events, Amy started The World is Fun in 2009  when she realized how much untouched potential there was for putting fun in volunteerism for the Seattle region. Eight years later, she's grown the organization to over 18,000 volunteers and a volunteer staff of more than 90 that works in partnership with over 135 local nonprofits. 

Amy is nationally recognized for her incredible work fostering community, sparking engagement, and volunteer management. She is the 2013 recipient of The Wendy Walters Truitt Volunteer Excellence Award and the 2016 Jefferson Award for her nonprofit work.

Amy is a mission evangelist, creative mastermind and organizational backbone. Her ability to think creatively and find solutions to motivate others is unparalleled.